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"Great To Be Here" − John's Island in Vero Beach, Florida

I found this place. This special wonderful gem of a place. A place of such incredible natural beauty and life. A place that may be the best kept secret in the world. Llwyd Ecclestone Senior's dream. A safe and secure place on the ocean called John's Island Club. Home to some of the most interesting, fun loving people you ever met.

We live on an island. An island that lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon. The most biologically diverse in all of North America. And we really have it all. Boating. Biking. Fishing. Riding the surf or just meandering down the beach in search of that perfect seashell or a glimpse of exotic wildlife. The sun shines down on us all year round and the Gulf Stream delivers a gentle breeze. Never too hot, never too cold, just about right.

And what could be more friendly and laid back than our quaint little coastal town of Vero Beach where an evening out with friends often means a visit to the Vero Beach Museum of Art or the Riverside Theater. Towns twice our size can't boast such a variety and quality of art.

And aren't we glad we don't have highrises to spoil our beautiful ocean views. Even the sea turtles on our beaches are protected from glaring city lights. We want them to return someday.

We love it when the family visits. At John's Island Club all the kids share our unique vertical membership.