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Hurricane Irma Update


Based on the current forecast of Hurricane Irma, our real estate office will be closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday as well as John’s Island Club. The current projections have us under the probability cone for this weekend. All announcements regarding Hurricane Irma and Club functions will be posted on the John’s Island website (Club members only) at www.JohnsIslandClub.org.

Please be aware, should the Club lose power, all of their servers will go down including all Club emails. The Club's website is housed off-site and is the best source for club information. 

For updates regarding the storm, please call the John’s Island toll-free HOTLINE at (877) 547-8761, as this will be updated at the same time the National Hurricane Center posts its updates - every three hours. Please stay tuned to the John’s Island Club website for more information as the we all prepare for Hurricane Irma.

As the on-site real estate company in JI, we will continue serving our clients until it is no longer safe to do so. Due to possible outages, we will only have one phone line operating with limited access. Please try contacting your Sales Executive via their cell phone (text or call) or by email for assistance. Our Rental office phone will forward to our main line at (772) 231-0900 and office phones will operate as long as there is power to our building.

  • Bob Gibb: (772) 538-7696
  • Kristen Yoshitani: (772) 473-6074
  • Cheryl Sangbush: (772) 766-2100
  • Judy Bramson: (772) 559-8849
  • Ba Stone: (772) 532-0805
  • Jeannette Mahaney: (772) 538-7255
  • Terry Crowley: (772) 633-7900
  • Michael Merrill: (772) 696-4653

For information about your property, please contact your property management company. The John’s Island Property Owners Association will be preparing for the worst possible scenario. Upon our return to the office, our Sales Executives will be checking on their client's properties as soon as possible. 

MONDAY UPDATE: Intial drive around JI shows we did good upon first look. Not as bad as last year's hurricane Matthew. Nearly two-thirds of the county remains without power but power crews are already out working diligently to restore power. Barber Bridge and 510 bridge are now open. We will continue to assess and report back as soon as possible. 

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