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Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Symbol

SATURDAY UPDATE: Important News from John's Island Club -The Beach Club & Golf Club have regained power this afternoon. Lunch and Dinner Service at the Beach Club is back to normal operations. The pool is clean and beach has full access. Tomorrow Fitness will reopen and Golf & Tennis will announce their reopening schedules.

FRIDAY UPDATE: We are all grateful and fortunate that the storm took a turn to the north and stayed offshore. It was very loud & windy however the results couldn't have been better. Despite the horrendous amount of debris that fell, mostly from the live oaks, a quick assessment of JI reveals that we are looking good. Numerous large trees came down blocking roads but are being attended to. Power is still out but bridges are open and owners are returning to JI as of 2:00 pm today. Our beach is in amazingly good condition as are the Clubs. We were truly lucky we didn't get a direct hit. 

Five of our Agents, including Bob Gibb, stayed on JI to ride out the storm. By 7:30 am they were out checking up on all of our client's properties. Many homes on the water have lost their docks or have suffered damage. Condos and cottages all look good. Courtyard homes seem good except for major debris covering the streets. 

As the on-site real estate company in JI, we will be open tomorrow regardless of the power situation so we may continue serving our clients. Thank you to everyone who kept us in your thoughts. We will be hoping for the best to those ahead of the storm.

Due to possible power outages: we will only have one phone line operating with limited access. Please try contacting your Sales Executive via their cell phone (text or call) or by email for assistance. Our Rental office phone will not be operating, therefore please  call our main line at (772) 231-0900 or you may try your Rental Coordinator via text or email, if they have service.

  • Bob Gibb: (772) 538-7696
  • Ba Stone: (772) 532-0805
  • Cheryl Sangbush: (772) 766-2100
  • Jeannette Mahaney: (772) 538-7255
  • Judy Bramson: (772) 559-8849
  • Kristen Yoshitani: (772) 473-6074
  • Terry Crowley: (772) 633-7900

For information about your property, please contact your property management company. The John’s Island Property Owners Association will be preparing for the worst possible scenario. Upon our return to the office, our Sales Executives will be checking on their client's properties as soon as possible.

For updates regarding the storm, you may call the John’s Island toll-free HOTLINE at (877) 547-8761 , as this will be updated at the same time the National Hurricane Center posts its updates.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact JI Security at (772) 231-2220 per Michael T. Korpar, Director of Security.

WEDNESDAY REPORT: Due to Hurricane Matthew, we are closing our offices on Thursday and Friday. We expect to re-open on Saturday, weather pending. Mandatory evacuations will be issued Thursday for the barrier island.

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