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5 Reasons We Are Grateful : A Few Of Our Favorite Things

They say hindsight is 20/20, and while many are certainly ready for that to be true and to turn the page to 2021, in midst of the shifting sands, this year has also proven to be a chance to celebrate. With Thanksgiving having given us an opportunity to pause and take stock of the blessings in our lives, we are grateful for a whirlwind year like we've had in 2020 that really makes each hit home. In an unprecedented time of ups and downs, the idyllic location and endless sunshine has let us safely roam and lasting friendships between neighbors have been a support. These surroundings, this community, these people - they have been a shining light and a beacon of joy for which we give thanks. 

Location, Location, Location
It’s little wonder that in a time where people are looking to find tranquility and a sense of place, that they’ve been drawn to the endless summers of our shores. Picturesque seaside landscape, iconic riverfront access, and world-class cultural amenities just down the road, yet still Vero Beach maintains a small-town charm with well-planned growth and design. Great shopping finds and services are at your fingertips, and there are endless activities between Club offerings and the Shores at large. With an airport close by that hosts direct flights to the northeast, and close proximity major airports without being caught in the chaos, you can’t beat this location.

B Club 2017 Aerial347 Beach Angle

Clear Skies. Warm Sands. Can’t Lose.
Sun, surf. sand. Almost always sunny, with a balmy breeze. Perfection.
While initial plans were turned on their ear, what this year has showcased has been the ability pivot to the positive, to rally to support and innovate, and the natural beauty with which we are surrounded. When the world slowed down, these shores were a perfect place to find serenity from the stress. To safely commune on the golf courses or truly spend time with loved ones in the warmth of the sun. To bike along the quiet paths or find a bit of relaxation in sunsets over the lagoon. Ecclestone’s plan for John’s Island, which carefully placed homes in the shadow of majestic live oaks and space to roam, focused on preservation of the pristine natural environment and has continued to provide an idyllic haven – one that is especially inviting today.

Lifestyle River Hires 9

No State Income Tax
One extra reason Florida is so inviting: no state income tax.

Florida has become a refuge for affluent individuals experiencing tax laws that greatly impact their cost of living in other states, especially the Northeast, where state income taxes can be as high as 8-9%. Some change residency to benefit from the state's favorable tax laws, some are drawn to the ways Florida can help their business economically, some see the vacation home and rental income potential as a boon. Any way you slice it, 0% state income tax is a breath of fresh air.

Top-Tier Club
Unparalleled lifestyle, check. Terrific activities, check. Incredible facilities, check. Gourmet offerings, check. Dedicated service, check. Between JIC’s ability to anticipate needs and the wide array of activities, there’s never a dull moment. One of America’s Top Club Communities and one of America’s Top 25 Golf Communities (Travel + Leisure Golf), John’s Island Club has set a standard by which others are measured. We get to call it home.

Caring Community
One of the things we hold most dear are the people that make John’s Island and Indian River Shores so welcoming and special. Each person here is much more than just a resident, they have become friends and partners in the fabric of our community. When the chips are down, the people here rally to help - the philanthropic nature is unparalleled, mobilizing funds and services that have transformed and elevated the town as a whole. Take John's Island Foundation and John's Island Service League for example! The word family is an understatement…and speaking of which, what fun to watch families grow and flourish, each a generation a branch of our John’s Island tree.

Like the iconic tree of our brand, this time has shown the strength within us all, rooted in the ability to grow and branch out. In what has been a golden anniversary that certainly defied all expectations, it has shown importance of a town that has come together and remained steadfast. Event when the world slows down, we won’t.

We look forward to what the future brings, but toast to a life with unparalleled surroundings that 2020 has brought so clearly into focus.

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