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Hurricane Dorian Update

Based on the current forecast of Hurricane Dorian, our real estate office will close as of Saturday at 3 p.m. and remain closed on Sunday through the end of the storm - following the lead of John’s Island Club. The latest projections still have our area within the cone of probability and along storm track for this holiday weekend. All announcements regarding Hurricane Dorian and Club functions will be posted on the John’s Island website (Club members only) at www.JohnsIslandClub.org.

Please be aware, should the Club lose power, all of their servers will go down including all Club emails. The Club's website is housed off-site and remains the best and most reliable location for Club information.

For updates regarding the storm, please call the John’s Island toll-free HOTLINE at (877) 547-8761, as this will be updated at the same time the National Hurricane Center posts updates - every three hours. We recommend that you check the John’s Island Club website for more information as our community prepares for Hurricane Dorian's landfall.

As the on-site real estate company in JI, we will continue serving our clients until it is no longer safe to do so. Due to possible outages, we will only have one phone line operating with limited access. Please try contacting your Sales Executive via their cell phone (text or call) or by email for assistance. Our Rental office phone will forward to our main line at (772) 231-0900 and office phones will operate as long as there is power to our building.

Bob Gibb: (772) 538-7696
Kristen Yoshitani: (772) 473-6074
Cheryl Sangbush: (772) 766-2100
Judy Bramson: (772) 559-8849
Ba Stone: (772) 532-0805
Jeannette Mahaney: (772) 538-7255
Michael Merrill: (561) 427-3958
Susie Perticone: (203) 832-4655

For information about your property, please contact your property management company. The John’s Island Property Owners Association will be preparing for the worst possible scenario. Upon our return to the office, our Sales Executives will be checking on their client's properties as soon as possible.

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